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Why Vegas?

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Living in Las Vegas

Living in Las Vegas is much more than casinos and entertainment. Here are three reasons you’ll be happy you moved here... and why your friends will be jealous of you too!

Reason #1: The Las Vegas Weather

Las Vegas enjoys about 300 days of sunshine every year and has an average annual temperature hovering around 80 degrees. While midsummer you might complain about the heat, you’ll still call it a dry heat. When the rest of the country is thawing out in March, you will already be shopping for summer clothes. As the threat of the first snow comes to the east, you’ll still be having pool parties in October.

Reason #2: No State Income Tax

You’ll be surprised at just how much you’ll save by not having to pay for state income taxes. Luckily, gaming revenue helps out Las Vegas locals in that regard. With all the money you save on taxes, you’ll be able to consider buying a home. That will definitely make your friends jealous when they realize you own a 2,200 square foot home and you are paying less than their rent on a 500 square foot apartment.

Reason #3: The Outdoor Adventures

Just twenty minutes from the center of town sits Red Rock Canyon. It is known as an international destination for rock climbers, and nothing will make your friends more jealous than when they see you sporting that tan you got while learning how to belay. Getting a bit outdoorsy is extremely easy in Las Vegas as you are surrounded by local hiking trails and places to mountain bike. You can waterski or go boating at Lake Mead, or even snow ski in the winter at Mt. Charleston . 7 National Parks are within a few hours drive of Las Vegas making your new home the perfect base camp for exploration.

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