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6 Design Mistakes New Homeowners Make

Whether you’re in for a gut renovation or just trying to redecorate, there’s a lot more to designing a property than you might think. Here are some common blunders you should be aware of that new homeowners make so that you don’t follow in their footsteps.

Here are some common blunders that new homeowners make so that you won’t follow in their footsteps.

Underestimating Costs

Most jobs will cost more and take longer than you expect, so always add 20 percent to what you think a project will total when budgeting. If you don’t have the funds, you should scale the job back. If you happen to beat these projections, then you might be able to splurge on something you cut out of the budget originally.

Expecting Everything To Go According To Plan

Work on older buildings can yield a lot of unforeseen events. Who knows what’s behind that wall you’re opening up? New construction is more controlled, but that doesn’t always mean smooth sailing. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Going For The Lowest Bid

Good professional help is worth the money. That means design as well as construction. Be willing to pay for a good contractor, and be wary of the one who’s cheap and available right away.

Splurging Where You Should Save

Don’t get locked into the idea that the biggest items should cost the most. Nice throw pillows can dress up a mid-range sofa. Or mix a low-end dining table with a statement light fixture. Reglazing tile will be far more cost-effective than a total overhaul.

Not Asking For References

Contact the previous three clients of anyone you plan to hire. These people will have experienced the person at his or her current level of achievement and staffing. Reach out to general contractors for an architect’s references, and vice-versa.

Not Setting Up A Timeline

Work with your contractor to put together a list of items that need to be purchased and deadlines for making decisions. The last thing you want is to feel under the gun to make an important fixture selection you’ll later regret.


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