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Why Vegas?

Why Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate Is The Next Big Market Boom

Last Vegas is a city of opportunity beyond what you’d imagine. It’s dazzling nature, attractions and its features and amenities define standard living here.

It’s safe to say that Las Vegas is one of the finest cities in the world. Here are a couple of reasons why:

The Current Las Vegas Real Estate Market

Based on a report released by GLVAR, the median price of single-family homes sold in the city in 2018 was $289,000.

The Las Vegas housing market continues to be steady and many real estate experts are expecting the figures to climb much higher by 2020.

Factors Driving The Real Estate Market

Real estate might be a tough business, but it’s an important one. The fact that the luxury real estate industry of Las Vegas is notching good numbers either proves that something good is happening in the city or that its forces are doing something right.

The positive sales onslaught could be very well attributed to many factors, like plenty of people from different states seeking to relocate or open businesses in the city. Many California property-owners could possibly relocate to Nevada because the football franchise Oakland Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas.

While these are all good and true, the major driving force of the booming market of luxury homes is the unified cooperation of everyone to revamp the city and revert it back to its glorious roots. It might be unspoken of, but every resident in the city has his or her contribution. For example, as a real estate agent, I believe in a “taking no excuses” approach and I’m positive that I share the same trait with countless real estate agents across the city.


In my years of experience in the luxury real estate industry, I have found a characteristic that makes Las Vegas a cut above the rest. It’s more than a hub for perpetual business; it’s a city that balances a fast-paced living and an authentic, upscale and quiet lifestyle. Both can be experienced when living in one of the highly demanded offerings of luxury properties in the city.
Las Vegas showed its capability to rise above an economic setback and it’s not dependent on pure chance, but rather on the hard work of its citizens, the ability to attune to real estate trends and the improvement of the overall substructure of the city. I’m a witness to all these.

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